Poster at “First-Person Science of Consciousness” Conference

I just visited the exiting conference “First-Person Science of Consciousness” at the University of Witten/Herdecke, having rewarding conversations with many scholars.

This conference assembled a whole lot of people who work with and make progress concerning methodological issues in phenomenology and first-person observation, not shying away to use the word “introspection”, and to fill it with life. Many approaches were based on Claire Petitmengin’s “explicitation interview” and micro-phenomenology.

I presented a poster, which was just the next step of mine to develop a framework of practicing somatic movement, to be published soon.

Poster at “19. Herbstakademie Heidelberg”

I was so fortunate to visit the most inspiring 19. Herbstakademie “Embodied Aesthetics: Resonance in Perception, Expression and Therapy” in Heidelberg, Oct. 5-7 2017. I am looking forward to a continuation of this great conference series!

Together with Ricarda Emma Baumann, we presented a poster of our ongoing research on subjective experience while practicing a Taijiquan exercise.

"Moving up & down - A phenomenological investigation of somatic learning in Taijiquan"